After tattoo, wait about 4-6 hours to remove any bandage(s)

Wash hands thoroughly before touching tattoo, than wash with lukewarm water and unscented/mild soap and let it air dry (no towels, cloths, etc

Wait about 3-4 days before applying unscented lotion ( perfume free, alcohol free ) apply3-4 times daily or when needed

Do not submerge your tattoo in any bodies of water ( bathtub, pools, hot tubs, etc ) for at least 4-6 weeks

No sun bathing, tanning or any sun exposure for 3-4 weeks, always keep covered to preserve tattoo

Do not pick, scratch or rub your tattoo while healing! Use lotion when needed

Always listen to what your tattoo artist recommends to you

Touch ups are guaranteed by the same Artist within 3-6 months. For any further questions you can contact us with the information below