Professional Piercer

Milad has been an experienced professional piercer for over 8 years. He has attended app conferences and has many experiences with body modifications. He loves working with clients to build an artwork on the body showcasing the different types of jewellery you can have on any body part!

Come in by an appointment or by walks in any hour of business!


Beauty Technician

Cherine has nothing but love for the beauty industry and has been in the industry for more than 15 experienced years! Starting very early she’s learned and excelled in many techniques from waxing, lash extensions, microblading, permanent makeup and more.



Zef is our main tattoo artist here at ONCE. He has been around in the tattoo industry for more than 8+ years and continues to work and add to his clientele. He specializes in fine lines, black & gray & Neo Traditional tattoos. He uses his professional artist skills to create custom pieces for each individual. Check out his work in the gallery!


Tattoo Artist

Sofia has been in this beautiful industry for a couple of years. Tattooing has been a huge part of her life since she can remember. She’s always seen the tattoo industry as more than just getting ink on your body. It's the whole experience; the bonding you have with your customers; all the stories and meaning/sentiment behind the tattoos. The fact that you get to be a part of their journey is one of the main reasons why She does what She does.

She’s working towards specializing in cover ups and tattoo revamps since she’s a strong believer there’s isn’t a thing that can’t be fix or brought to perfection. But will always enjoy doing a wicked custom piece.

Looking forward to bringing your ideas to life!